InDesign plug-in to create multipage layouts and portfolios

phototilerPhotoTiler Pro is an Adobe InDesign plug-in that’s designed to automatically create multipage documents from folders containing multiple images. For simple batches of photos, the Create InDesign Contact Sheet tool in Adobe Bridge will work fine. Given the fact that Bridge can use InDesign templates, there are a couple of reasons you might need this plug-in: it can use tab-delimited files (with some limitations) and it can flow photos around “obstacles” (other objects) in the layout.

The software is easy to use: create or open an InDesign file—then through the plug-in, determine the image layout, select the photos, and away you go. Layout features include column and row count selection and the ability to adjust the horizontal and vertical gap between the images. Oddly, it doesn’t include an auto-spacing feature for the gaps to fit the columns/rows directly to the margins. Other settings include options on scaling, cropping, filename caption settings, and border color. Cropping only includes Just-fill (fit content proportionally) or Completely-fill (fill frame proportionally). The border color doesn’t use InDesign swatches, but you can use CMYK specs.

A couple of nice features include the ability to save and load (restore) settings, and to place captions from a text file. The text file option is one major feature that makes this plug-in worthwhile. The text file can be tab delimited and can contain up to four fields. Other interesting features include the ability to leave empty “cells” (image and text objects) if a problem is encountered, or to just use the next good image.
Installation was problematic because I couldn’t cut-and-paste a serial number into the registration, and reinstallation required re-registration. If Bridge’s features are too simple, but you don’t need a full-featured database-publishing plug-in, give PhotoTiler Pro a try.—David Creamer

PRICE: $79 (Upgrade $39.95)
FROM: Andromeda Software Inc.
PHONE: 800-547-0055
FOR: Mac and Windows

HOT Ability to include text captions from database
NOT Doesn’t auto-space images in layout