Photoshop Action Pack Version 3.5 Now Available for Download

A new version of the Photoshop Action Pack collection of Automator actions has been released by Ben Long at The Photoshop Action Pack lets you control Photoshop CS, CS2 and now CS3 from Apple’s Automator, allowing you to create complex automated image processing workflows. Through Automator’s drag-and-drop interface, you can easily build stand-alone applications, droplets, Finder plug-ins and watch folders
that automate all sorts of normally tedious operations. With the addition of the Photoshop Action Pack, you can use Automator to drive Photoshop.

While Photoshop provides built-in automation in the form of actions, and an external interface to these batch processes through Adobe Bridge, the Photoshop Action Pack gives you far more capability. With its unique filter and sorting operations, you can create automated workflows that have logic operations in them, allowing you to create a workflow that processes some images in one way, and other images in another. Also, while Bridge lets you launch batch operations in
Photoshop, it’s limited to only operating on the images in an individual folder. With Automator, you can process batches of images from any combination of folders, servers, FTP volumes, or external drives. Finally, Automator workflows can include more than just Photoshop commands. So, a single Automator workflow can process images in Photoshop, add the results to an iDVD presentation, upload the whole mess to an FTP server and then back up the entire project to a DVD.

The new version 3.5 adds support for Photoshop CS3, includes a new Auto Color action, and adds a number of new features to older actions. In addition, a few important bug fixes have been included. The new version does not include support for any of CS3’s new features, but ports all of the old Action Pack features to CS3. The package’s 86 actions provide Automator with access to all of Photoshop’s major image editing features.

As with previous versions, the Photoshop Action Pack v3.5 is absolutely free, though actively accepts donations through an attractive PayPal button. What’s more, they guarantee that your donations will be spent on frivolous camera gear, providing you with vicarious shopping thrills.

You can download the Photoshop Action Pack right now from