PhotoShelter Inc. Launches The PhotoShelter Collection

PhotoShelter Inc, a trusted provider of state-of-the-art online archive and e-commerce solutions to more than 16,000 professional photographers, has announced an open call for all independent photographers — professionals and amateurs alike — to submit images to the PhotoShelter Collection. For photographers, the PhotoShelter Collection presents direct exposure to active buyers, as well as a completely transparent sales system that pays 70% of the transaction. For buyers, the PhotoShelter Collection will provide what the company calls ‘edited diversity,’ an ever-growing collection of fresh imagery from unexpected sources, with the benefit of professional editing.

"The rapid proliferation of high-quality digital cameras has made it easier than ever to produce stunning imagery. But photographers, whether pros or not, have been limited in their abilities to sell because the existing outlets are either too exclusive, artificially cap the image values, or have pay-to-play schemes," said Allen Murabayashi, CEO of PhotoShelter. "The PhotoShelter Collection is an open marketplace that embraces the ethos of the web, while maintaining the integrity of the professional photography industry."

Extending PhotoShelter’s Professional Services to All Photographers
PhotoShelter’s legacy service, the PhotoShelter Personal Archive system, organizes the customer-facing aspects of a photographer’s business, including image archiving, distribution, pricing and sales, into a single online hub. With the PhotoShelter Collection, the company is using its technology and expertise to create a much-needed platform for independent photographers at all levels to engage in online sales without sacrificing the value of their work, or the integrity of their profession. The company has also launched a set of community tools that enables both professional and aspiring photographers to foster a culture of online photography that inspires creativity while maintaining industry standards in pricing and licensing.

"This is an exciting step for both the individual photographer and the industry as a whole," said 20 year photography veteran, Brad Mangin. "We’ve watched the price of stock photography decrease as more and more images are practically given away by amateur photographers simply because they don’t know their true worth. PhotoShelter gives photographers the tools and information needed to be competitive and successful, without degrading the industry."

"I was approached by a photo buyer who found one of my images on Flickr," said photographer Chris Cho. "He offered me $100 to license an image with unlimited rights. I’m not a professional, so I didn’t initially realize that this offer was far below the going rate for this type of use. It’s really great to see PhotoShelter develop a platform that allows me to license my images properly, through a system I can trust."

Seeking Submissions from All Serious Photographers
The application process for the PhotoShelter Collection is simple and free. All interested photographers are invited to fill out an application and submit images for PhotoShelter’s team of commercial photo editors to review at Upon acceptance, photographers will then have the ability to upload all the images that they would like to be made available for sale.

Photographers submitting to the PhotoShelter Collection can designate key words, attach model releases and set their own prices, with guidance, as needed. They receive 70% of the transaction proceeds. All sales are 100% transparent, so photographers know where every cent goes. For the sale of images submitted before 11:59 p.m. EST on November 4, 2007, photographers will receive a special 85% of transaction proceeds on those images sold in the first six months. For an application or for more information, photographers can go to

About PhotoShelter
Created by photographers in 2005, PhotoShelter has quickly become a trusted partner to the professional photography industry. More than 16,000 working photographers rely on PhotoShelter’s Personal Archive system every day to host their online archives, power their websites and manage their businesses. And with the launch of the new PhotoShelter Collection, they can now benefit from a worldwide, shared image-selling marketplace. With hundreds of new members daily, PhotoShelter is a thriving creative community where advanced technology combines with a native understanding of photographers to power the future of photography online. To become a part of our community, visit