Pantone Adds Adhesive Backing the Pantone Chip For Increased Usability

Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today introduced the limited-edition PANTONE SOLID CHIPS peel and place coated book. The chips now have an adhesive backing so designers can peel off a chip and place it where they want – without using staples, glue or tape. The new chip format also makes it easier to create, share and save color palettes, while retaining the same high quality color matches and visual reference on which designers rely. Designers can now affix sticky chips, similar to an adhesive-backed postage stamp, to projects and designs to ensure a perfect match.

“Selecting color palettes and ensuring color accuracy are critical elements of every design project,” said Doris Brown, vice president of marketing for Pantone, Inc. “The peel and place chips securely attach to jobs so that they remain with the project at all times for accurate color matching and reference. The new design also makes it easier for designers to create and archive color palettes for later reference or use on a future project.”

PANTONE SOLID CHIPS peel and place coated includes the 1,114 solid PANTONE Colors in the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, the definitive international reference used by designers for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors. The peel and place book includes six perforated chips for each solid PANTONE Color, making it easy to attach color reference chips to design work.

Endless Possibilities

PANTONE SOLID CHIPS peel and place coated also includes a PANTONE palette playground, a smooth plastic sheet lifter for use as a color palette test area to experiment with the chips and define color palettes. Once a color palette is set, the chips can be permanently placed onto one of 30 PANTONE palette cards supplied with the book. Finalized palette cards can be shared with clients when proposing color schemes, given to printers for color matching or archived with projects for future reference.

Additionally, the peel and place chips have smooth edges, designed to keep the chips clean. When removed, the chips leave the chip page neat and intact.

Pricing and Availability

PANTONE SOLID CHIPS peel and place coated is available immediately for $179 and includes the PANTONE palette playground and 30 palette cards. The book can be purchased from Pantone’s Web site at

PANTONE Color Kill Contest

Pantone is also inviting all customers to submit an entry to the PANTONE Color Kill Contest. Particpipants are being asked to submit videos via YouTube showing an outdated Pantone Fomrula Guide coated being destroyed.

All qualified entries submitted to, in accordance with official rules and entry guidelines, are eligible to receive a 35 percent discount off the purchase of a new set of PANTONE FORMULA GUIDES and the chance to win an Apple® iPhone(TM) and Apple TV(TM). Entries will be accepted April 10 -November 30, 2007.