New Photoshop/Illustrator Plug-Ins Released just announced the release of a batch of new plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The new releases include a pattern swatches pack for Illustrator which has 500 super black background royalty-free swatches. Another Graphicsxtra pack for use in Illustrator is a set of over 200 symbols which include basic contours, zoom contours, inset designs, star contour symbols, and pattern symbols designs. They can be used for card designs, CD booklets, fashions, packaging, book covers and more.

There is also a collection of 160 square counter patterns for Photoshop. All the patterns are stored in native Photoshop pattern format libraries for ease of use and come with transparency / combine with layer effects / overlays and more. There is also a new group of 100 ‘Brush Stroke’ Displacement Maps which are PSD maps for use in Adobe ® Photoshop and Photoshop ® Elements. It contains many different displacements including thin line displacements, tangled brush strokes, circular brush stroke displacements, scratchy displacement maps, and smudged brush stroke displacements.

Links to the product pages are provided below:

Displacement Maps Pack for Photoshop and Elements

Square contour pattern / transparency designs for Photoshop

Symbols pack for Illustrator

Swatches Pack for Illustrator

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