modo Studio Lighting and Illumination Kit (SLIK)


There is only one thing to say here and that’s wow. One of my favorite 3D applications just got a huge boost in its capabilities. The Studio Lighting and Illumination Kit (SLIK) is an amazing tool that allows you add another dimension to modo 401. With new tools that allow you to create studio accurate lighting and reflections to high-dynamic range (HDR) environment presets, SLIK will blow you away.

Here’s the scoop. The new SLIK kit allows you to drag preset lighting into modo and move them around just like real lights so you can visualize your scene. The lights have the controls right there in front of the lights so no worries about having to dig through the complex menus or shaders to get at them, which is a great feature in itself. Included in this awesome product is 30 built-to-scale lighting assembly presets, 24 different lighting setups supporting small scale, medium scale, large scale and portrait studio photography, and the 24 2k HDR environmental maps that will give you a wide range of options to experiment with.

I think that SLIK is really pushing modo to another level of capabilities for not only the animator or modeler but for the photographer as well. Take a jump over to the Luxology website to see some of the fantastic videos they have on this extraordinary product and I think you’ll be amazed at the results you can get. This is one product that’s a must have for all modo users and for those of you who don’t use modo, you need to check it out.—Bruce Bicknell

Company: Luxology, LLC
Price: $125
Rating: 5
Hot: Cost; accurate studio lighting and reflection setups; presets