MicroNet Delivers High-Value NAS

MicroNet Technology, an innovator in storage solutions, today unveiled a new Network Attached Storage solution for the masses, combining multi-terabyte capacity, integrated print server, iTunesT music server and zero-touch automated backup starting at less than $350.

MicroNet’s new FantomT Drives G-Force MegaDisk NAS appliance is the latest addition to the G-Force MegaDisk family of storage products, and the first NAS RAID solution in the G-Force MegaDisk product line.  The MegaDisk NAS incorporates many of the features of MicroNet’s higher-end Platinum NAS product line but with pricing and zero-touch backup technology that make the products ideally suited for home and SOHO customers. 

MicroNet’s newest NAS solution is based on a dual-core processor, providing plenty of computing power to allow home users to easily share digital photos, video and music from a centralized digital hub, while enabling SOHO customers to collaborate with painless cross-platform file sharing.  The built-in iTunes Server enables sharing of
MP3 and MP4 content, including content purchased from the iTunes Store that is properly authorized. MicroNet ensures that irreplaceable family videos and photos, as well as business data, are fully protected by including a free five-user license of NTI Software’s Shadow zero-touch backup software, a $150 value. 

Award-winning NTI Shadow offers real-time, continuous backup in addition to scheduled backup to virtually any storage device. Its powerful yet easy to use interface offers customers the ability to securely backup and safeguard their valuable data files. NTI Shadow also offers custom file type filtering, version control, drag and drop file restoring, and more. NTI Shadow supports WindowsR XP/2000, Macintosh OS X v 10.2.8+, and U3T Smart Devices.

The Fantom Drives G-Force MegaDisk NAS supports Windows and Apple Macintosh cross-platform file sharing with support for Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X10.2 or higher and CIFS/SMB, NFS, and FTP file protocols. Each MegaDisk NAS unit incorporates dual SATA300 disk drives with Native Command Queuing technology to intelligently optimize read and write performance.  All MegaDisk NAS functions, including RAID options, are managed and monitored via a simple universal web interface. The G-Force MegaDisk NAS supports robust RAID disk configurations including RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD, and SPAN.  Dual USB 2.0 expansion ports allow quick-and-easy capacity expansion with the addition of external USB-based storage, such as MicroNet’s Platinum, MegaDisk or Fantom Drives USB drive products, with the additional external capacity available as a network resource.  USB expandability also enables the attachment of printers to the MegaDisk NAS with the integrated print server transforming USB printers into shared network devices, saving the cost of deploying laser or inkjet printers on every desktop.  The MegaDisk NAS also features an unattended Bit Torrent download manager, allowing large bandwidth-hogging downloads to be scheduled for non-disruptive off-peak hours.

The Fantom Drives G-Force MegaDisk NAS products are currently available in 1.0 TB, 1.5 TB and 2.0 TB configurations priced at $339, $579 and $999 respectively.

About MicroNet Technology
Based in Torrance, California, MicroNet Technology develops a full range of data storage solutions for creative professionals and IT managers. From the affordable Platinum Series of desktop products through enterprise-wide Storage Area Networks, MicroNet Technology continues to lead the industry in quality, performance and value. MicroNet’s award-winning storage solutions include SANcubeT FireWire Storage Area Networks, Omega Enterprise storage and SAN solutions, miniMateT and the PlatinumT family of personal storage.

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