Master Colors Offers HVC Color Composer for Photoshop At A Great New Price.

Master Colors LLC,the worlds leader in color quantification technology ,has just released it’s award winning HVC Color Composer plug-in for Photoshop on the Windows platform at a great new price.

The HVC Color Composer ($129.95 Professional, $49.95 Standard) is the inexpensive digital color solution that starts with perfect color design and ends with perfect color output.

“I was able to save my company about $250,000 last year with the HVC
Color Composer Professional. If most of our clients were using it, the savings would be in the millions. This utility brings professional quality color to the fingertips of the design world,” said Casey George, Digital Prepress Mgr., Great Western Litho, CA. “This is the must-have plug-in for Photoshop and InDesign.”

Master Colors’ amazing color quantification technology is the basis for the only software of its kind in the world. Starting with Master Colors’ unique HVC Color Space, the HVC Color Composer instantly determines the contrast distances between colors and organizes Smart Palettes so that your color choices can easily applied to your artwork.

Master Colors also offers a free online Color Seminar, titled “Nirvana: 6 Lessons to Color Enlightenment,” which teaches artists how to build powerful, professional quality color compositions rapidly. The Master Colors’ Lesson Plan provides seven numerical progressions, each with a distinctly different harmonic mood, and which automatically provide a solid proportional structure to any work of art.

Because Master Colors proprietary HVC Color Space is a pigment-based model like CMYK, an ink-based model, the transformation process is smooth and accurate, and avoids the ugly anomalies that plague both artists and prepress professionals at the end of almost every job. When the artist chooses colors from Master Colors HVC-based Smart Palettes, those choices are automatically compatible with the printers CMYK space, thereby eliminating the output problems at the end of the job.

Master Colors offers artists the only known objective method of color composition, with an approach that can be clearly explained. Master Colors has organized the science of color harmonics in such a way that it can easily be easily understood and used by any artist or prepress professional. Click below to read the most recent review on the HVC Color Composer Professional:

System Requirements:
Windows® 2000/XP Home and Professional Editions ,Vista ,Adobe PhotoShop® CS, and CS2 Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and 5.0

Macintosh OS X 10.4 or higher, Adobe® PhotoShop® 7, CS, CS2 and
Photoshop Elements 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, Adobe InDesign CS and CS2

Licensed users will be entitled to a free CS3 update as soon as they become available.