Master Colors Releases HVC Color Composer Plug-in for Photoshop and InDesign

Color selection is one of the biggest challenges for a professional artist. Master Colors HVC Color Composer offers both a scientific identification and selection system, where all of the relationships between all colors can be identified numerically and therefore can be organized and controlled when you apply the colors to your work.

There are a number of different ways to organize color. The most important, fundamental, objective way of organizing color is at the level of the combined Hue, Value and Chroma contrast (HVC Contrast), which is the only meaningful definition of perceptual contrast..

“Everyone in the design industry understands how costly and time consuming a project can be if there is a color blunder in final output. With Master-Colors HVC Color Composer we help give artists, designers and pre-press operators peace of mind that, they are scientifically choosing the correct colors.” Says Master Colors COO Seth Cohen

HVC is the natural way of thinking about color, and those three variables (Hue, Value and Chroma) must be accounted for to come up with an accurate numerical contrast between colors. Other ways of organizing color are important as well, such as cool and warm colors, close triads, far triads, muted or strong hues, etc. But the most important level of organizing colors is through the numerical organization of colors at this fundamental level of objective, numerical contrast. With this knowledge, all of the experience artists have acquired will immediately become more powerful, because artists can now place all of this intuitive knowledge into simple harmonic structures, which will enable anyone to take their artistic powers to new heights.

About Master Colors
Founded in 2000, Master Colors is the leader in color quantification technology. Our patented technology produces true harmonic color palettes organized at the fundamental level of combined HVC contrast. Master Colors’ products assist designers, illustrators, artists, photographers and pre-press operators choose colors more accurately for final output, avoiding costly out of gamut color errors which saves time and money.