Updated Workflow Plug-Ins

The PDF2DTP plug-in converts PDFs into either InDesign or to QuarkXPress files (the InDesign and Quark versions are separate purchases). It has been updated for InDesign CC and is currently available only for the Macintosh. The plug-in hasn't been updated to support InDesign CC for Windows or for QuarkXPress 10 on either platform. Hopefully, both of these issues will be resolved in future updates. This plug-in is available via subscription for $199 per year; older versions are still available as a perpetual license. It should be noted that this plug-in is the only one that has competition: PDF2ID from Recosoft. The Recosoft plug-in is available for both Mac and Windows platforms, but (as the name implies) doesn't work with QuarkXPress. Cost ranges from $99, $149, and $299, depending on the version. This isn't the place to make a production comparison, but one should always check out options before making a purchase.

The Q2ID plug-in for converting QuarkXPress documents to InDesign is now available for InDesign CC for both the Mac and Windows platforms. The plug-in doesn't convert Quark 10 files yet, but the update is coming soon. This plug-in is available via subscription for $199 per year.

The ID2Q plug-in for converting InDesign documents to QuarkXPress is still only available for Quark 9.x; it hasn't been updated to work with QuarkXPress 10 or support conversion of InDesign CC files yet, but hopefully that update will be coming soon. The current version is $199 for a perpetual license. Since Quark is staying that way, one would expect this plug-in to do the same.

PUB2ID plug-in for converting Microsoft Publisher documents to InDesign hasn't been updated beyond InDesign CS6 (Mac and Windows), but is listed as no longer supported. I assume this means it's a discontinued product. The current (last?) version is still $199 for a perpetual license.

Company: Markzware
Price: $199 each (Subscription: $199/year where applicable)
Web: www.markzware.com
Rating: 4
Hot: Easy conversion of other formats to (mostly) InDesign
Not: Quark 10 and Windows OS not supported in all plugins