Mac Recovery ComboDock

Speedy FireWire docking device plus Data Rescue

If you have a drive that’s dead in the water, consider the Mac Recovery ComboDock. This FireWire 800 (400 compatible) USB2 docking device for 3.5″ hard drives from WiebeTech is dual daisy-chainable and works with any FireWire host at high speed. It comes bundled with Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue application—a great product that has saved me more times than I care to remember by pulling files off a drive that no other utility would even recognize, let alone allow me to access.

WiebeTech has a track record of producing innovative, rock-solid solutions for the Mac. The ComboDock continues the tradition and allows you to turn any 3.5″ ATA drive into an external drive you can connect using FireWire 800/400 or 4-pin USB2. If you need to get data off a drive you’ve already removed from one of your Macs, it will take you less than 30 seconds to connect it to the ComboDock and start transferring files.

Essentially, the ComboDock is the “guts” of a FireWire drive without the case. The OXUF922 bridge is housed in a durable aluminum case about the size of an iPod. It comes supplied with a bottom plate that you can attach to your drive to protect its electronics. The power adapter is dual-voltage and you can get an adapter ($19.95) to enable you to connect CD/DVD drives. Solutions are also available for Serial ATA drives and 2.5″ notebook drives.

PRICE: $199.95
FROM: WiebeTech LLC
PHONE: 866-744-8722