On Location: Tilt-Shift Mountain Biking

Step Six

Fort Collins, CO.  Mountain biking at Horsetooth Reservoir. tilt-shift tutorialI always come to a shoot with an image in my mind and I always leave with a shot I never thought about. It’s important to stay in tune with new ideas during a photo shoot. Sometimes the weather will change, your model will have an idea, or a new lens opens up possibilities. Keep the blinders off and embrace new creative ideas.

After photographing the mountain biker using the tilt-shift lens, I kept looking at the foreground grass. This was an element I needed to bring into the shot. I switched lenses to a 14–24mm and moved in much closer to the trail. Nothing changed with my lighting. This new angle made the image more dynamic. The tall grass and storm clouds really pumped up the drama factor. Remember, keep the blinders off. 


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