Lightpainting… with an INFINITY QX70

Caught this colorful and interesting article by Michael Zhang over at the PetaPixel website. Photographer Patrick Rochon putting his spin on lightpainting for INFINITY…

“For a new marketing campaign titled “Inspired Light,” Infiniti invited Canadian professional light painting photographer Patrick Rochon to Dubai to transform three of its cars into “moving light painting brushes.”

Rochon and his team spent weeks measuring, mapping, and planning the details of the shoot. Their final design had each QX70 SUV packing 59 feet of LED strips containing 2,520 LEDs — a task that took experienced technicians four hours to do for each vehicle. The resulting light output for each car was more than 30,000 lumens.

After the SUVs were prepared, stunt drivers climbed in and drove various paths in front of Rochon’s camera in order to paint light into the shots…”

A behind-the-scenes video of how it all came together along with more images are available on both Patrick Rochon and PetaPixel‘s website.