Largest Photo Walk in the World! Join Us this October 11

Hey guys – RC here.  We’re super excited with how many people have joined up to The Worldwide Photo walk this October 11.  With over 10,000 people registered for it – this is a great free event for photographers all around the world to join up and hang out for a couple of hours to take pictures in your local community.

We’re really excited to also have Flickr on board as well!  We use Flickr for the social layer of the photo walk with their public Open Groups (you can find our group here)

If you want to walk with us on this historic event – make sure you go over to the Photo Walk website and see if a walk is hosted in your city.  If there isn’t, maybe you can sign up to be a walk leader. 

I cant WAIT for October 11 to get here.  We’re going to have a blast!!