Key Correct Pro 1.1


The key with greenscreen (no pun intended) is blending the foreground and background elements seamlessly so the greenscreen becomes undetectable. The composite needs to have a clean alpha, the right amount of detail, colors that match, no tint on your subject, and just the right amount of softness on the edges of the foreground to look as if the scene was shot as one clip. For years, we’ve tried to perfect the art of compositing and keying. Now, with Key Correct Pro 1.1, we have an additional tool in our box that takes us one step closer to pulling the perfect key.

Key Correct Pro is actually a set of 15 plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Motion that you use with your favorite keyer to take your key to the next level. You can use Key Correct’s pretreatment tools to correct your noisy or compressed footage before you key to smooth your greenscreen or de-artifact your footage. Then, once you key the footage, Key Correct Pro picks up where your keyer left off, letting you use its compositing tools.

Key Correct Pro offers the tools essential for making your key believable. For example, the Light Wrap tool allows you to give the illusion that the light from your background is actually reflecting on your foreground, which happens in reality, but when you key footage, you loose that reality and perspective. That’s why if you’re going to get into greenscreen or compositing, you need tools like Key Correct Pro to bring your key back to life.—Erik Kuna

Company: Red Giant Software LLC
Price: $399 (Crossgrade: $199)
Rating: 4.5

Hot: Detailed keying; compositing; Final Cut and CS4 support
Not: Cost; learning curve for beginners