Creates One Completely Focused Image From Many

Helicon FocusThere are times when the laws of physics won’t let us capture an image as we see it—especially when working with a macro lens up close. Depth of field is just plain lacking. So, do we pack up our cameras and go home? Not anymore…the people at Helicon Soft have defied the laws of physics with their amazing software, Helicon Focus, allowing us to capture from near to infinity in sharp focus.

Helicon Focus takes the sharpest areas of multiple images and combines them to create one image that’s completely sharp. It’s designed for micro, macro, and landscape photography to solve the shallow depth of field issues that photographers face. It even aligns the images where they may shift from frame to frame.

It’s quick and easy to use; in fact, Helicon Focus does most of the work for you. Simply set up your tripod, compose the frame, and select a fairly wide aperture. Now here’s the tricky part: Go to manual focus, turn the focus ring until the closest area in the frame is sharp. Then click the shutter and repeat, focusing slightly into the frame with each shutter click until you have a selection of images with sharp elements from the nearest to the farthest points. Load the images into Helicon Focus, sit back, and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes.—Laurie Excell

PRICE: From $115
FROM: Helicon Soft Ltd.

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