Fotolia Announces Partnership With

Fotolia, the first global online marketplace for micro-priced digital stock images, announced today a partnership with, a leading search engine providing users with free, legal imagery and division of Vibrant Software. Through the implementation of a Fotolia API (Application Programming Interface), users will now be able to view side-by-side search results from both the and Fotolia databases by running one query on the partner site. This is the first API partnership Fotolia has announced in North America.

“Since day one, Fotolia has focused on partnership, making us the stock photography preference for many partners around the world, and we are happy to announce our first such partnership in the US,” says Oleg Tscheltzoff, co-founder and president of Fotolia, LLC. “We are excited to work with to enhance their customer experience and broaden their image offerings.”

The partnership will also offer a revenue share for all images purchased through their API, allowing the free search engine a way to monetize their site beyond advertising.

“We are pleased to announce the partnership with Fotolia,” adds Jonathan Yapp. “We feel that the addition of Fotolia’s global database of images to our offerings will ensure that our customers will always find the image they are looking for, whether for free or for a small price.”

Fotolia Service : API

With the launch of V2, Fotolia has launched a public API to make it possible for partners to integrate Fotolia in their applications or products. Dozens of partners (printers, portals and blog platforms) around the world have already integrated the Fotolia API in their services. Additionally, the API will help developers build applications to improve user experience in the form of plug-ins, add-ons and widgets. Fotolia offers three levels of API partnerships:

· Partner API: The Partner API allows people to create their own image bank and earn money through our affiliation program. With the API, they can search the Fotolia database, display results on their own website, and generate revenue through our affiliation program.

· Business API: The Business API allows businesses to integrate and offer Fotolia services to their customers. This is an ideal solution for printing and online template companies who can produce customized on demand items to their clients completely automated. The API will allow a business to search the fotolia database, display search results and purchase images through their own website.

Developer API: The Developer API allows a creative person to design new applications such as modules, plugins, software, web services, or widgets. The API can also help to build a product or service to enhance or change the Fotolia user experience.
About Fotolia

Fotolia is an inclusive, global community in which photographers and designers come together to form a marketplace free from traditional royalties and rights management. Launched in early November 2005, Fotolia’s digital image marketplace has acquired over 2,000,000 images in its database and more than 325,000 international members. For more information about the company or to access the Fotolia web site, visit

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