Fontagent Pro For Windows Debuts At NEXPO

Orlando, FL – Attendees of NEXPO, one of the world’s largest technology exhibitions for the newspaper publishing industry, will be the first to see Insider Software’s newest product, FontAgent Pro for Windows. Being unveiled to newspaper professionals this week, FontAgent Pro for Windows is based on its industry-leading Macintosh font manager. The new version of FontAgent Pro brings professional font management capabilities to the Windows platform so users can:

· Automatically diagnose and repair font problems and create organized font libraries
· Locate all Windows TrueType, OpenType, and Type 1 PostScript font files and test their integrity
· Optimize the Windows Fonts Control Panel by moving fonts not required by Windows into the font library
· Activate and de-activate fonts with a click to save system resources and keep font menus manageable
· Activate fonts at the style level, thereby enhancing stability, reducing document size, and enhancing performance by reducing hardware requirements
· Define font sets and subsets to enable easy font activation, management and organization
· View text strings in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors using Font Player(TM) and Font Compare(TM) viewers
· Print color font books and sample sheets for easy reference and for sharing designs with clients and associates
· Export fonts into folders for easy sharing with service bureaus and printers
· Backup font files into central archives for safekeeping and easy restoration
· Rename cryptic Windows font filenames to real fonts

New Font Management Power for Windows Platforms

FontAgent Pro for Windows brings a host of new power to the platform with features available to Windows users for the first time. “The FontAgent Pro family of products routinely wins font-management shootouts in Macintosh customer accounts,” commented Bruce Mitchell, CEO of Insider Software. “The market for Windows design tools and fonts has grown steadily over the last five years, and we are thrilled to provide the cross-platform solution that our customers have been craving. Insider once again leads the way in providing the power of world-class professional font management.”

About FontAgent Pro

FontAgent Pro, designed for creative professionals, provides a complete font management system that integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection, font book creation, and design tools in a single powerful, yet simple application. It is the only product to offer such modern features as multiple font libraries, cascading sets for job and project management, and a Font Player that provides interactive real-time font selection tools.

FontAgent Pro also offers unique administrative tools with its ability to secure workstations, permitting modifications to libraries and sets only if approved by the administrator. Multiple startup sets can be configured and fonts can be auto-activated even without launching FontAgent Pro. Powerful live searching and extensive filtering provide additional power and flexibility.
Availability and Download

Users can download a pre-release version FontAgent Pro for Windows immediately from the Insider Software website at, and the product will be available from resellers and distributors worldwide on May 1.

System Requirements
FontAgent Pro 3 for Windows requires Windows XP or later and 8MB of available disk space.

Pricing and Support
FontAgent Pro for Windows is priced at $99.95 and is available directly from Insider Software and resellers worldwide.

About Insider Software
Founded in 1994, Insider Software makes products that streamline the creative process, including the industry-leading FontAgent Pro family of font management products.