Photoshop Actions

When it comes to investing in Photoshop actions, I have three criteria: First, they have to do something substantially different than actions I already use; second, they need to allow me to customize their looks; and third, the actions should work synergistically, building on one another as part of a complete workflow solution.

The Florabella Collection meets each of these demands, and then some. In this collection, Tennessee-based photographer Shana Rae Rosengarten has created a family of Photoshop action sets covering each aspect of the photographic postprocess: workflow, retouching, black-and-white effects, creative toning, textures, haze overlays, and more.

These actions are gorgeous, highly flexible, powerful, and packed with options, yet they're intuitive and easy to use, each with a fully customizable layer stack. Consequently, they've gained a large and loyal user base (myself included). With eight action collections to choose from—Color & Light, Colorplay, Deluxe B/W, Classic Workflow, Retouch & Makeover, Spring Collection, Luxe II, and Muse (the latest)—there's something for everyone. One of my personal favorites is Classic Film from the Classic Workflow Collection—but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Add to that Florabella's textures, overlays, papers, frames, and templates, and you've got all your bases covered.

Shana continues to release new collections on a regular basis, each as good as the last, or better. In addition, Florabella's bundles and frequent specials make it easy to build your library over time. For those hungry for more knowledge, Shana's free video tutorials guide users step by step through the best practices and creative applications.

Company: Florabella Collection
Price: Starting at $89
Rating: 5
Hot: Flexible; intuitive; fully editable layer stack