Flashpoint Streak Light 180 Ws Flash and Blast Pack

Flashpoint Streak Light 180 Ws Flash and Blast Pack Precision External Flash and Battery Pack

The Flashpoint Streak Light 180 is a large, hot-shoe mounted flash powered by the Blast Pack. Streak Light uses a replaceable bulb with a diffusion cover. The Blast Pack is a lithium battery with a shoulder strap, two ports to power two flashes, and an LED battery power readout. Simply mount the Streak Light on your hot shoe, connect the Blast Pack to it with the provided cable, put it over your shoulder, and let the fun begin.

While the combination may sound cumbersome, it doesn't feel overly bulky (if you're using a flash with external battery power, it's expected). I tested the same scenes with my Nikon Speedlight using a bare flash, the built-in diffuser, and the Streak Light. The bare flash yielded predictable results, and the built-in diffuser did a nice job of softening the scene, to a point. Results from the Streak Light were incredible. Shots had great color and detail, and the shadows were nice and soft. When you're on a roll on a location shoot, you'll be glad to know that recycle times averaged about a second in testing.

Where the Streak Light really shines is its adjustability. The flash head has the usual tilt and rotation, but it's fluid and not segmented when adjusting, meaning it's easy to fine-tune to your environment. Output is 1/128 to Full in 1/3-stop increments, and flash duration is 1/300 to 1/10,000 sec. It features an autofocus assist beam and can operate in four modes: Manual, Slave Normal, Slave Filtered, and Multi/Stroboscopic with Calculator. Many more features are included, making the Streak Light and Blast Pack an extremely capable package.

Anyone who does a lot of location shoots and doesn't want to drag a studio full of gear along should seriously consider the Streak Light and Blast Pack.

Company: Adorama Camera, Inc.
Price: $449.95
Rating: 5
Hot: Precision; flexibility; don't be concerned about bulk