Flashpoint CL-500R LED Circular Light

Flashpoint CL-500R LED Circular Light Powerful, Compact LED

Creating the right lighting environment for our subjects where there's no natural light can generate a lot of heat, as well as electrical use from traditional fixtures. With the advent of LED (light emitting diode) lighting, these two issues simply go away. As an excellent addition to their CL-series LED panels, the Flashpoint CL-500R LED Circular Light takes it one step further with super-clean 5600K daylight color for some serious coverage that won't break the bank.

What sets the CL-500R apart, one might ask? It's surprisingly small and it has a respectable, slightly tight, 60° coverage area. This makes it ideal for things like macro product photography, fill lighting, and some video applications. It includes a soft diffusion cover for portraits that works well on its own and with the addition of their larger CL-1300 model, for example. The CL-500R fits on most umbrella shaft sizes for easy mounting. Flashpoint offers some great accessories, such as an optional remote dimmer and battery pack.

The real aha! moment with this light wasn't as much about the lack of heat or use of power, but the outstanding look of the images with this smooth, white light. It's not as warm in color as traditional lighting, but creating those color effects in Photoshop can be done after the fact. By adjusting the intensity, almost every subject will show its true colors and allow the exposures to be their best. The control stays in your hands with as much, or as little, light as you need. It includes a carrying case and all of the needed cables.

Company: Adorama Camera, Inc.
Price: $250
Rating: 5
Hot: Adjustable 5600k light; compact/portable; ultra-low heat; accessories