Filter Forge Announces a Series of Free Photoshop Plugins

Filter Forge, Inc. today announced an upcoming series of free Photoshop plugins and the availability of the first plugin in the series, “Filter Forge Freepack 1 – Metals,” which generates photorealistic metal textures and effects.

Over the course of the coming year, Filter Forge, Inc. plans to release seven free Photoshop plugins named Filter Forge Freepacks, with each plugin centered around a different theme. The freepacks are based on the technology used in the company’s flagship product, Filter Forge, an innovative Photoshop plugin allowing users to create their own filters in a visual editor. Each freepack will be capable of generating seamlessly-tiled textures with professional-grade anti-aliasing, and will take full advantage of modern dual-core processors.

The theme of the first Filter Forge freepack is metals — the plugin comprises seven filters that produce realistic metal textures and effects. Alien Metal produces a sci-fi texture of an alien-looking metallic surface; Brushed Metal generates a texture of brushed aluminum; Foil produces a texture of crumpled aluminum foil; Diamond Plate creates a texture of an industrial diamond plate floor; Metal Panels generates a metal plating texture; Metalizer produces a smooth metallic surface based on the brightness of the source image; and Rust renders patches of corrosion over the darker areas of the source image. All textures generated by the plugin are seamlessly tiled and can be immediately used as a web background or a game texture.

The free plugin is available for download at the company website: Registration is not required. The plugin currently works under Windows only, the OS X version for both Intel and PowerPC processors is in development.

About Filter Forge, Inc.
Based in Alexandria, VA, Filter Forge, Inc. is a one-product company solely focused on developing Filter Forge, an innovative Photoshop plugin allowing its users to create their own filters. For more information, visit