fdf-Converter 4.0: Process FDF Files to One Single CSV File

With the program fdf-Converter Version 4.0 UNIVERSE Software GmbH ( presents a new solution for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux for the easy processing of PDF form data. All data created in a PDF form can now be transferred to one single file, which can be read and charted by any databases or table calculation programmes such as MS Excel. Whether the PDF forms are completed and saved or sent, this can occur by way of the so-called FDF format. Accordingly a FDF file solely contains entries made by the user, meaning the form fields, and the actual PDF forms remain unaltered. The FDF data can of course at any time be imported into the appropriate form and accordingly become comprehensible in its entirety. The major advantage exists however in the fact that with this file format you have the possibility of very easily interpreting a large number of forms electronically. The fdf-Converter provides users with a particularly easy to use and value for money tool, which converts various form entries into CSV format with the click of a button. This format can be read and interpreted by, for example, MS-Access, MS-Excel or many other databases. With the click of the mouse single files or even entire file directories can be converted within seconds and summarized in a new single table. Version 4.0 offers a new Preview function, which immediately displays how the layout of the end table, including data, will appear. In addition, files with varying layouts can also be merged together in one single step. The multi selection of selection fields is also possible as of now. The program is available for Windows 95 and later, MacOSX and Linux, and costs $ 88,00. UNIVERSE Software has kept to its usual practice of including updates and upgrades in the price. A free test version is available for download at About UNIVERSE Software UNIVERSE Software GmbH, located in Neuss, Germany, develops and distributes extremely powerful, but at the same time exceptionally simple to use PDF (portable document format) software solutions, based on innovative JAVA technologies. This technology enables maximum independence concerning hardware and operating systems. Focus of our solutions is the ease of use, a high efficiency, productivity and open platform strategy. Based on these components we provide lots of different solutions for your daily business: Create PDF forms & files, save filled out PDF forms, auto fill in PDF forms from databases, recover master passwords, process PDF forms data, convert FDF and much more. 100 % PDF compatible. The main benefits are: Quick, simple and useful.