Exposure 6 New Features Make Images Look Handcrafted

Bringing the analog film world to digital photography is what Exposure does for photographers. From discontinued (as most are) film emulation to push and pull effects and creative manipulation, Alien Skin continues to lead the pack with this latest update. Over time, I've reviewed each software version, and the company (never one to rest on its laurels) has added some great new features to Exposure 6, as well as improvements to many of the best parts of previous versions.

Exposure 6 now includes Alien Skin's creative focus and lens-simulation software, Bokeh, as part of its function—a huge time saver because adding visual effects takes fewer steps to the final output image. The leaner, faster interface allows more immediate access to the most frequently used features. In fact, Exposure 6 is substantially faster with a lot of attention on load times for previewing effects. This adds to the fun factor when you want to try many types of effects with your images.

Exposure 6 software is not compatible with pre-CS6 versions of Adobe Photoshop and earlier operating systems. While it's nearly impossible to stay current with every new product, these are some things to consider before purchasing this software: It's compatible with Photoshop CS6 or later; Lightroom 5 or later; or Aperture 3 or later; and requires Mac OS X 10.8 or Windows 7 or later. The good news is that Alien Skin is offering Exposure 6 as a free upgrade for everyone who purchased Exposure 5 from Alien Skin Software in March 2014 or later.

Most importantly, Exposure 6 is a substantial update with some excellent new features that do an excellent job once again at bringing the analog world to the digital realm.

Company: Alien Skin Software, LLC
Price: $149 (Upgrade: $69)
Rating: 4
Hot: Faster performance; improved interface; now includes Bokeh
Not: Works with Photoshop CS6 or a later and newer computers