The Eos Converge audio system lets you play your music in any room from any source—without wires. The Eos Converge Transmitter ($99.95) comes with a USB cable, 3.5mm stereo mini audio cable, and a power adapter. When using the USB cable with a computer, the power adapter isn’t needed. Just launch your music application, select Converge USB TX in your Sound or Audio preferences, and click play. Whichever Eos Converge receiver you’re using will automatically link to the transmitter and send audio to the connected speakers. Easy. (Use the power supply and the stereo mini audio cable to listen to an iPod or other music device.)

The transmitter can send audio to four different receivers up to 150′ away. The Eos Converge Receiver ($99.95) comes with a stereo RCA cable, stereo “Y” cable with 3.5mm stereo mini female, and power supply. Just connect the audio out to your stereo or home theater receiver, or powered speakers (using the “Y” cable), and crank up the volume. The receiver also has buttons for pausing your audio and changing tracks.

Another option is the Eos Converge Amplified Receiver ($149.95). Just plug in any set of speakers directly to this receiver and you’re good to go. We tested this with the acoustically matched Eos Loudspeakers ($99.95) and they sounded great and had nice bass response (and you can even hook up an amplified sub for more bass). This receiver has a volume control in addition to the pause and track controls. It also has an auxiliary in for connecting an iPod directly to the receiver.

With the Eos Converge system you can send music anywhere from anywhere. That’s our definition of versatile. Our only real complaint is the cost—the components add up quickly (but they do offer up to a 20% discount depending on the number of components you buy).—Chris Main

Company: IntelliTouch
Price: $99.95–149.95
Website: www.eoswireless.com
Rating: 4
Hot: Versatile; sound quality
Not: Price