Easy Bullet Styles That Will Blow You Away

You could format bullet copy the traditional way by using a Left Indent and a negative First Line Indent in the Paragraph palette. But there is a faster, more powerful way to format the most elaborate bullet styles hidden under the Paragraph palette’s Options arrow menu: Bullets and Numbering. Select it and see for yourself. In the dialog window that opens, after selecting Bullets for your List Type, you can add characters from any available typeface to use as bullets and Fill your bullets with any Swatch color. The familiar Left Indent and First Line Indent found in the Paragraph palette are used to position bullets precisely. This easy-to-understand dialog window has it all; all in one place. But the best part is – after Previewing your bullet formatting and clicking OK, these mind-blowing bullets can be saved as a Style in the Paragraph Styles palette to use again and again.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.