Correct Keystoning, Anamorphosis, and Horizon

DxO's ViewPoint fixes distorted images as a result of lens flaws or the lack of a tilt-shift lens, attempting to fix keystoning, anamorphosis, and horizon problems.

Keystoning is the effect that occurs when you shoot architecture from ground level without using a tilt-shift lens. It's quite easy to fix by warping the image until parallel lines look parallel. That's exactly how you work with ViewPoint, but to be successful, you should still keep a fair distance from the subject. You obviously can't straighten lines if you take a photo of a skyscraper looking toward the sky.

Anamorphosis is horizontal or vertical deformation, also known as barrel distortion. It's an automatic or manual fix in DxO Optics Pro 7.5. It will correct the distortion, again, by warping the image. In DxO Optics Pro, anamorphosis correction is part of the lens module and therefore can be automated with accurate results. In ViewPoint, you can only fix by manipulating sliders, which works well with a dependable monitor.

Last but not least, there's Horizon that lets you straighten your horizon. There's also a Cropping tab, which is automatically used when applying a fix. With each additional fix, more of the image is cut off, making it increasingly smaller. This is due to the warping of the image that happens as part of the repair process. ViewPoint lets you control the cropping factor, although it does a good job of keeping your image as big as possible. By the way, the keystoning and horizon tools are also in DxO Optics Pro, so if you already use that program, you don't need ViewPoint.

Company:  DxO Labs
Price: $79
Rating: 4
Hot:  Ease of use; results
Not:  No automatic correction based on lenses