Datacolor Unveils New Color Calibration Tool

Datacolor, a global leader in digital color management technology, today announced the introduction of Spyder3, a new generation of display calibration and printer profiling solutions for photographers and digital imaging professionals.

The initial products in the new Spyder3 line are Spyder3Elite and Spyder3Studio. Each Spyder3 product is specifically designed to address the color management needs of photographers and creative professionals that require the most accurate color for digital editing and printing. The Spyder3 line includes the only colorimeter available on the market offering a seven detector color engine, with an aperture several times larger than other devices for increased accuracy and performance.

The Spyder3Elite and Spyder3Studio products are available immediately, and will be on display for the first time in Datacolor booth #1406 at the PhotoPlus Expo, beginning October 18th at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York.

Spyder3 represents Datacolor’s commitment to innovation and strong partnership with our customers to deliver the most effective color calibration solutions available, said Krista Behrend, Spyder3 global product manager at Datacolor. Our customers rely heavily on the images displayed on their monitors. The new Spyder3 is a significant leap forward, making digital workflow more efficient and helping users achieve their creative vision with greater color accuracy than ever before.

Among its most innovative features is a new proofing capability called SpyderProof that brings a new level of color control to any digital workflow. SpyderProof enables professionals to evaluate calibration with a before and after mode. Professionals can view four quadrants of thematic photos to specifically evaluate saturated colors, skin tones, gradients, and black and white images to ensure the desired calibration results.

Datacolor’s new Spyder3Studio is intuitive, accurate, efficient, and has enabled me to manage color across multiple devices with incredible accuracy, said professional photographer Andy Biggs. It is the best tool I’ve used for re-creating high quality black and white images in print.

According to professional photographer Christopher Villano, Spyder3Elite gives more precise control over white point and gamma and cuts re-calibration time in half with its new ReCAL option.These two features speed up the entire process for me, so I’m spending less time setting the parameters of my work environment and more time creating strong images.

The new form factor includes an embedded ambient light detector and desktop cradle that doubles as a tripod mount. As compared to its award-winning predecessor Spyder2, the Spyder3 offers a sleeker design that’s 37 percent smaller and incorporates third-generation Spyder technology. It also includes new easy-to-use, photo-centric user interface with features that photographers and creative professionals need.

The Spyder3 high-precision sensors and enlarged optical path increase its light sensitivity by 400 percent, making it the most accurate colorimeter in its class. This ensures consistent color on all LCD, CRT, laptop and front projector displays and includes the ability to match multiple studio displays to a single target.

The Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) reports shipments of 4.6 Million DSLR cameras worldwide through August 2007 a staggering 60 percent over prior year. We believe this growth is fueling demand for color calibration products, added Behrend. Datacolor’s digital imaging products hold a dominant position in the color calibration market, and we expect next year will be a tipping point as more and more DSLR owners seek color managed workflows, with Spyder3 driving new adoption.


Some additional features of Spyder3Elite include:

Intelligent Ambient Light Control: Automatically measures ambient light in the room to deliver a new level of calibration precision and unique options to either adjust room light settings or the display profile. It also conveniently captures a history of light conditions to distinguish light changes from studio flashes or shadows.

Unlimited Target Choices: User-defined calibration targets and the ability to customize their own choice of white point and gamma combinations to best match working conditions provides photographers with total control within their digital workflow.

Easy-To-Use Dual Mode Software: Offers two software modes to choose from Assistant-based interface walks you through the process, or an Expert Console is available for theadvanced user. The Display Assistants allows you to enter and store specific device information to save time during future calibrations.

Expert Console: Users can set their own expectations by controlling all calibration parameters and actions from one comprehensive window. Its L-Star Calibration Option uses patented technology as an alternative to typical gamma settings to generate unique tonal response curves for open shadows and detailed highlights.

Real-time Calibration Monitoring: Incorporates ongoing background checks of calibration and profile settings to ensure the display color is accurate.

Notebook and Projector Calibration Modes: The only affordable solution that will calibrate all your displays, including projectors.

Multiple Display Calibration: StudioMatchTM guides you through calibrating all of your studio displays to a single calibration target. The Assistant accounts for each display’s white and black luminance as well as studio light conditions.


In coordination with the Spyder3 launch, Datacolor has announced that its consumer business unit will now be solely branded as Datacolor. Previously, this division incorporated branding of both Datacolor and ColorVision, a division of Datacolor since 2000.


About the Spyder3Elite & Spyder3Studio:


From capturing images to digital editing and printing your work, you can rely on consistent, accurate color throughout your studio and digital workflow with Spyder3Elite display calibration. Designed for the way photographers work, Spyder3Elite is the next generation in calibration accuracy, precision and speed, allowing you to create profiles to your specifications and bring a new level of color control to your work.


Spyder3Studio redefines color management through advanced display calibration as well as printer profiling, offering you new levels of accuracy and control for the best performance across all of your digital imaging tools. It’s the cornerstone of any digital darkroom allowing you real-world colors you can rely on. Solutions from color management on-screen to complete studio solutions that let you create custom color or black & white ICC profiles geared for your printer and media selections. From start to finish, you’ll get results professional studios rely on, and the ease of use serious photographers demand.


Pricing, Availability, and System Requirements

Spyder3Elite has a US SRP of $279 and Spyder3Studio, $599. Both will be available at photo retailers around the world by the end of October. Each is compatible with Mac OSX (10.3 or higher) and Windows 2000, XP 32/64 and Vista 32/64.

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