Custom Control of the Control Panel

With all the new features in Illustrator CS3, there are more commands than ever in the Control panel. Because it’s contextual, the commands available in the Control panel may be totally different depending on what object is selected, and what tool is being used. If you’re finding the large number of commands available slightly overwhelming, you can totally customize the panel to best meet your needs. To do so, look under the options menu of the panel and simply uncheck all commands that you don’t want to be available. You can also alter the panel’s commands to work best on certain kinds of projects. For instance, if you’re working on an illustration for print media that will not involve type formatting or Flash-related features, you could turn off those features in the options menu and then save your panel options as part of a Custom Workspace (Help > Workspace > New) for your illustration projects.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.