Wi-Fi Device Connects DSLRs to Smartphones and Tablets

We've all been there, gazing down admiringly at the backs of our cameras, confident that we've nailed that killer shot; but this warm glow can quickly turn into an alarming pale gray at the shock of viewing the same files on a larger monitor. On a 3″ LCD monitor, everything looks great. On a big screen, however, unnoticed issues—lack of focus (or no focus) where it's needed, bad composition, distracting background elements, hair across eyes, clothing that's not right, and other unwanted factors can become glaringly obvious. At the very least, you're in for more time retouching unseen errors in Photoshop because you weren't shooting tethered.

The big impediment with tethered shooting for many is the need to drag around a laptop to do it. CamRanger changes all that by providing a wireless, tethered-shooting solution that makes it simple to proof on a smartphone or tablet as you shoot. This compact, lightweight device plugs into the mini USB port of Canon and Nikon cameras and creates an ad hoc Wi-Fi network that's easily recognized by iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices via the free CamRanger app. Once you've connected the CamRanger and fired up the app, you're ready to start streaming images directly from your device or Apple or Windows computer, proofing in real time. The network enables connections up to 150′. Remote camera control via the CamRanger app offers many sophisticated features.

CamRanger's smart, lightweight design and feature-rich app make it easy to use for wireless tethering on location or in the studio. Improvements to its next iteration might include an exit point for the USB cord in the carrying case when it's closed, and a way to secure the USB cord to the CamRanger.

Company: CamRanger
Price: $299.99
Web: www.camranger.com
Rating: 4
Hot: Portable; sophisticated features; well-designed app
Not: Carrying case needs improvement; no cable securing mechanism