Artbeats Announces New Reticles Collection for Customizing Footage

Layers Create Impression of Looking through Binoculars, Scuba Masks, Camera Lenses and More   Myrtle Creek, Ore. –— Dec. 13, 2005 –— Artbeats, a renowned leader in providing unique and innovative royalty-free stock footage, today announced its new Reticles collection, stylized mattes that create the impression of looking through camera lenses, binoculars, scuba masks, gun-sights and more. In contrast to Artbeats’ usual stock footage collections, Reticles are not meant to be used autonomously and must be layered with existing footage to achieve a desired effect. With a total of 80 mattes, the Reticles collection provides layers for both still and animated footage that can be used to create unique effects for film, television and multimedia projects.   “Our new Reticles collection contains both basic and highly-detailed imagery with a wide variety of subjects including grime layers, high-tech range finders, LCD rasters, military weaponry – even helmets and Sci-Fi themes,” said Phil Bates, president of Artbeats. “In almost every story, someone looks through reticles, binoculars, gun-sights, cameras and microscopes, and this collection will be a resource that can find use in almost any project.”    Each matte in the Artbeats Reticles collection is built on alpha channels which enable masks or “transparency” information to be transported automatically. Some of the Reticles contain both Red, Green and Blue information and an alpha mask, others contain only the alpha. The alpha was designed to be used as a "straight" matte rather than "pre-multiplied.” Pre-layered sample files are provided to help predict how the Reticle will look with the footage.   Pricing and Availability Available in NTSC-720 x 486, D1 PAL-720 x 576, HD-1920×1080 resolutions, Artbeats Reticles collection includes 80 mattes and is priced at USD $499. The HD version of the product provides 2K versions of the files for enhanced flexibility (without 16:9 cropping) with a variety of applications. To view clips or purchase this collection, please visit the Artbeats website at   About Artbeats Artbeats, founded in 1989, is an award-winning provider of royalty-free stock footage and still imagery for broadcast, film features, commercial, desktop video, game development and multimedia. The Artbeats library includes nature, special effects, scenics, aerials, lifestyles, backgrounds and much more. Quality, resolution and pricing make Artbeats Digital Film Library one of the leading choices by industry professionals. The library includes 370 titles, 121 of which are HD. Artbeats is headquartered in Myrtle Creek, Ore. with a staff of artists, producers, technicians and marketers. Some of Artbeats’ clients include Disney, Dreamworks, Comedy Central, BBC, Cartoon Networks, The Asylum, MTV, Direct TV, Country Music Awards, American Idol, Universal Studios, Pixar, CNN, Activision and many more. For more information or to purchase clips, visit the company’s website at