Adobe Releases Color Management Module

As part of its continued commitment to the advancement of open, vendor-neutral color management systems and in response to customer demand, Adobe has released the Adobe Color Management Module (CMM) on as a free download.

The Adobe CMM helps users achieve consistent color workflows when designing for print, Web, multimedia and mobile devices. Adobe customers accustomed to the benefits of achieving consistent color when deploying Adobe Creative Suite applications, can now have access to Adobe color technology throughout their workflow. The availability of the CMM allows users to download the component for their applications that support selection of third-party CMMs as well as custom software that is built to access the Adobe CMM directly.

Adobe’s CMM is based on the industry standard, International Color Consortium (ICC) profile format, and supports the latest ICC specification version 4. It allows Windows XP users to use ICC version 4 profiles, enabling more consistent color workflows across platforms as ICC version 4 profiles have native support in Mac OS X. The Adobe CMM is now available as a free download at