Adobe Photoshop TV Reaches 2 Million Downloads in a Single Month

Video Podcast Illustrates Popularity of Podcasting as Media Alternative The producers of the highly trafficked video Podcast, Adobe® Photoshop® TV ( report today that their weekly presentation has been downloaded over two million times in the month of May 2006, drawing more individual viewers than a typical NHL playoff game broadcast*. Featuring Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski and best-selling author Scott Kelby, Photoshop TV is a weekly program that gives viewers tutorials, tips, secrets and new techniques for making the most of Adobe Photoshop software. Along with their educational content, the “Photoshop Guys” have become known for peppering their program with casual and humorous repartee and regularly feature prominent guests from the creative industry. Following its original launch in October 2005, Adobe Photoshop TV quickly soared to #1 in the iTunes Music Store. “This truly points to the amazing popularity podcasts have gained,” says Scott Kelby. “It tells us that people are really tapping into new avenues of information and entertainment and that they never grow tired of learning new things. I’m convinced podcasting will continue to increase in popularity and that it has taken its rightful place as an information resource.” About NAPP The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) is an accredited, dynamic trade association and the world’s leading resource for Adobe® Photoshop® training, news, and education. An award-winning team of Photoshop experts, authors, consultants, and trainers lead the association keeping its members on the cutting edge of Adobe Photoshop techniques and technology. With more than 50,000 members in 106 countries, NAPP is the largest graphics and digital imaging association worldwide. Visit http://www.photoshopuser.comfor more information. Online: Adobe Photoshop TV – National Association of Photoshop Professionals – Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. *Source: Media Life Magazine – May 2006