4G Software Inc. adds 3D to Macromedia Flash

4G Software 3DCam™ enables Flash artists to animate objects in true 3D space along with powerful camera keyframing capability. MONTREAL (February 21st, 2006) – 4G Software Inc. (, designer and producer of performance enhancing tools for Macromedia Flash®, today announced 4G Software 3DCam™, a new plug-in that allows graphic artists, animators and web designers to add 3D animation to their Macromedia Flash® documents. 4G Software 3DCam™ allows the user to move both 2D objects and a camera in a 3D space and to create engaging and complex scenes, all with the ability to change perspective using just a few key frames, something which has not previously been possible in Flash. “3DCam is the first plug-in that brings 3D to Flash” notes Luiggi Tapuch, Senior Art Director at Red X Design, “I am able to take my creativity to a whole new level and it allows me to rethink the way I approach my designs.  It is so versatile that I discover new ways to take advantage of it everyday!  I only wish I had this tool years ago.” “4G Software 3DCam’s camera action and easy Flash integration is amazing.” says Ceasar Saingchin, Web Designer at This Way To The Beach “A feature that should have been in Flash from the start!” The 4G Software 3DCam™  “Topview” and “Sideview” windows allow users to easily position their 2D objects by moving them in a 3D space, or use the “Attributes” window to enter XYZ coordinates. There is also a “Preview” window, which provides users with the actual camera view.  The camera can be keyframed keyframed and include Motion Guides can be included to enable one to create complex, organic camera movements and fly throughs. A new Flash document is automatically created with the 3D camera view.  It can be published to any file format (.swf, .png, QuickTime, etc.) or can be used as the basis for a more complex Flash production.  For instance, overlay titles and action scripts can then be integrated. “Flash users have had to restrict themselves to working within the constraints of a flat world. We are pleased to introduce the first plug-in that enables them to fully realize their artistic vision by manipulating objects, along with a moving camera, in a true 3D world.” says Shane Bradley, 4G Software Director of Sales “We’ve received very enthusiastic feedback for this revolutionary tool from our beta sites including broadcast production facilities, corporate users, and web designers.  4G Software 3DCam™ key features include: •    Objects and/or camera can be keyframed in X, Y, or Z space •    “Topview” and “Sideview” windows allows easy X, Y, and Z positioning •    “Attributes” window provides numerical entries for accurate positioning •    “Preview” window offers camera view of the selected frame •    “Export” function generates a “mixdown” output layer that can then be integrated into 2D documents, or published into various formats •    Automatically generates accurate perspectives based on camera position Availability 4G Software 3DCam™ is available for Windows and Macintosh platforms.  It retails for $49.95 USD and can be purchased online at About 4G Software Inc. 4G Software Inc. designs and produces plug-ins and performance enhancing tools for Macromedia Flash®.  It has also recently release 4G Software LayerEx™, a new plug-in for Macromedia Flash® that allows graphic artists, animators and web designers to easily export their selected layers into separate files using popular multimedia formats such as .swf, .png, and QuickTime© for easy integration of their Flash elements into their finishing and compositing applications.