Cacidi LiveMerge Significantly Expands Adobe InDesign's Functionality

Newly developed software from Cacidi Systems connects documents in Adobe InDesign tightly with a database and makes layout work easier — especially with regards to large publications consisting of many pages.

Cacidi LiveMerge is a piece of revolutionary software which expands the functionality within Adobe InDesign and makes life a lot easier for the graphic designer.

Working with Cacidi LiveMerger is like working with a library palette, the only difference being that the content of your own design is seamlessly merged from a data source containing product information and suchlike.

Double proof-readning and maintenance of text and image sources that exist in more places than one is a thing of the past once you’ve started using Cacidi LiveMerge.

LiveMerge combines exciting and sparkling design with data from SQL-based data bases, and entirely automatically merges the content from the data base right back into your design.

It is extremely easy for the user to use the software as the operation of it is very simple. Everything is done by drop and drag. LiveMerge provides a totally new and unique way for people to collaborate on a project using the same data. Because of the tightly knit integration with the data base the assignment always remains up to date at any point in time.

Simple operation
The operating instructions could not be simpler:
1) do a search for the data you wish to use
2) drag your design from the palette to the layout of the page.

Even preparation of brand new designs is done by the speed of light, simply by inserting merge markers in the text area and then drop and drag the design to the palette. ALL functions in InDesign are supported without exception!

Live Updates — Live Objects
Simply by clicking only once it is possible to update the design to containing all the actual data, change the chosen data card or choose another design entirely. All this is obtained by one click on your mouse.

Fully automatic updating
If you want always to have the correct data in your document, all you have to do is to switch on the “Auto Update” function. This function checks all of your open documents every five seconds and merges any new data that might have changed seamlessly directly into your document.

In this way Cacidi LiveMerge puts an end to slow proofreading processes, and even large documents are updated to containing the actual data in a few moments.
In a manner of speaking all the right data is being kept on a leash, meaning that every time the data is changed the design is automatically changed as well.

Barcode support
LiveMerge supports the Extreme Barcode functionality. This means that barcodes within the design are automatically created as wellas being updated immediately – Live!

Embedded SQL queries (Built-in data selection)
It is possible to type SQL queries directly into your layout to create classification of data. This makes it very simple to create for instance a table chart containing a list of variations of a certain type of merchadise or items.
For more information please refer to the accompanying publication which is for general use. Also please see