Tribeca Labs announces Full Spectrum RGB 2.0, the latest update to the company’s revolutionary color technology

New York, NY – (November 3, 2006) – Tribeca Labs (, a leading developer of digital imaging software and services, announces the introduction of Full Spectrum RGB 2.0, the second generation of the company’s DIMA-award winning color correction technology.

After gathering feedback from customers regarding the first generation of Full Spectrum RGB (then known as DCF Full Spectrum), Tribeca Labs redesigned it to be easier to use and understand. Full Spectrum RGB 2.0 offers several significant improvements, including:

An improved, more accurate color palette, with warmer skin tones, brighter foliage, deeper colors, including blues and the Company’s signature violets
A bigger preview window
A more intuitive user interface
More responsive color controls

Full Spectrum RGB is the only program on the market that allows digital cameras to reproduce the full spectrum of colors the human eye can see. Digital cameras are unable to reproduce the full spectrum of colors, because the digital color model generates a limited spectrum. Full Spectrum RGB is a digital color model that simulates the dynamism and depth of the component colors of daylight. The program modulates the component colors of the digital color model relative to their intensity so that they are deeper and richer – just as they appear in nature.

The Full Spectrum RGB Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop works on both Macintosh® and Windows® systems and is accessible through the File/Automate menu. Simply applying the default setting to an image will produce the most accurate possible colors and the program also provides the user with custom red, yellow, green and blue controls to vary the chromaticity of hues as he or she sees fit. Full Spectrum RGB also contains proprietary Portrait and Vivid controls that allow the user to create custom lighting effects. By combining the color and lighting controls, users can create their own film-like looks and then save them for application to future images. Full Spectrum RGB sells for $49.00 at and select retail locations.

About Tribeca Labs

Tribeca Labs, founded in 2002 and based in New York, NY, develops and markets cutting edge digital imaging software and services that empower consumers and professionals to maximize the quality of digital images. Tribeca Labs has developed several proprietary imaging technologies, including Full Spectrum RGB (formerly known as DCF), a patent-pending process for improving digital color quality that won the prestigious DIMA 2006 Innovative Digital Product Award. Tribeca Labs is the publisher of Photobot, the world’s first Zero-Click picture correction software, and operator of Swiss Picture Bank, the premier site for automatic, secure picture storage.