Award-winning web design application Freeway 4 gets improved IE6

Today, Softpress Systems Ltd. (Softpress) released version 4.3 of
Freeway Pro and Freeway Express. This update to Freeway includes an
option for generating code that works around known problems in Internet
Explorer 6 for Windows (IE6). “Web designers have always had great
difficulty making sites look right across the whole range of browsers,
especially IE6.” commented Richard Logan, Managing Director of
Softpress. “Freeway has always been good at getting consistent results
and now it’s even better. Many thorny browser issues are simply fixed
for designers without them needing to research, test and deploy their
own solutions in code.”

In the Pro version, the IE6 compatibility option can be turned on or off
either site-wide or on a page-by-page basis. In Express, the default is
to always output code for increased IE6 compatibility.

Also new is the Styles Inspector that appears as part of the Inspector
palette. This displays a hierarchy of all the styles in the current
selection, and provides an easy-to-use interface for adding or removing
styles from the relevant elements in a selection.

The Freeway 4.3 update is a Universal application for both PPC and Intel
Macs, and is available to all registered users of Freeway 4 Pro and
Freeway 4 Express from:

It is recommended that all Freeway 4 users download this update.

About Freeway
Freeway, famous for its ease of use and clean efficient code generation,
is the tool of choice for professional and home Mac users who prefer to
focus on design issues, not on coding!

For more information on Freeway’s comprehensive feature set, and to see
why Freeway should be part of every creative toolkit, see:

For specific info on IE6 compatibility, see:

A fully working 30-day Trial version, including the popular Freeway Shop–
the easy-to-configure e-commerce solution–is available from:

About Softpress
Softpress was founded in 1993 to address the emerging needs of
professional publishers and designers for new media authoring tools. It
is headquartered in Oxford, England.