The Rotobrush tool in After Effects CS5 automates the tedious task of selecting an object from each frame over the duration of a video clip. In this tutorial, Tom Green shows how easy it is to select the subject from one clip and drag it onto a new background.

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  1. J.Terry (Reply) on Wednesday April 13, 2011

    Great tutorial, very informative.

  2. kris (Reply) on Wednesday April 13, 2011

    Mr. green,
    all my gratitude summed up in dis word “Thank You”.
    I hope to work with you in the near future, will see you .
    Take care.

  3. kris (Reply) on Wednesday April 13, 2011

    The first letter (G) in your last name shd be capital (Mr. Green).
    My apologies.

  4. Don (Reply) on Wednesday April 13, 2011

    Hello Tom,

    Thank you for this tutorial I don’t know how to get my footage into the layer mode. Can you assist me with this?


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