Refine Edge Border Trick in Photoshop

There are a myriad of ways to create cool border effects in Photoshop, but I bet you never thought of this method. The updated Refine Edge feature in Photoshop to create interesting border elements from just about any photo. No kidding! Once you learn this, you’ll try it on almost every photo you have, and [...]

Smarter Image Upsizing (Even for Low-Res Images) in Photoshop

Another thing I love that Adobe’s engineers do in each new version of Photoshop is that they go back and make existing features even better.

Get That Trendy High-Contrast Look in Lightroom

There’s a Photoshop effect that started making the rounds a couple years ago, and now it’s one of the hottest and most requested looks out there­—you see it everywhere from big magazine covers to websites to celebrity portraits to album covers.

Changing Lip Shade in Photoshop

This is a really handy technique for making the lips  stand out by shifting the shade of the lip color, brightening the natural highlights, and then lastly, doing a quick cleanup to give you really gorgeous lips. Step One: Here’s the image we’re going to retouch by shifting the shade of the lips. If we [...]

Using the Photoshop Shake Reduction Filter

If you have a shot you took handheld in low light (so the blurriness was caused by shooting with a slow shutter speed), or if your blurry shot came from a long lens, you may be in luck using a filter called Shake Reduction. It can greatly reduce the blur caused by shots where your [...]

Adding Contrast (and Using the Tone Curve) in Lightroom CC

If I had to point to the biggest problem I see in most people’s images (we get hundreds sent to us each month for “Blind Photo Critiques” on our weekly photography talk show, The Grid), it’s not white balance or exposure problems, it’s that their images look flat (they lack contrast, big time). It’s the [...]

Applying Extreme Sharpening in Photoshop

High Pass sharpening is sometimes called “extreme sharpening,” and that’s really a good description of what it is.

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