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These new options include the ability to combine strokes with other objects as well as easily draw inside and behind objects.

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  1. Warren (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    Howsit, awesome tuts they are very informative, but i have two problems…

    Firstly the opening video advert is always far too loud when comparing to the tutorial video-what is up with that?

    Most of us watch these vids with earphones and it can be very painful.

    Secondly to follow up on my first point, mic placement is important when filming these tuts… it is very distracting listening to the experts bashing away on their keyboards and mouses. The loud clicks are annoying.

    Don’t get me wrong the videos are extremely helpful and i donno where id be without them, but please i’m looking for perfection so a few tweaks here and there can improve the experience

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