For those web designers who are a bit ‘codephobic’, this four-part video series will teach some easy ways to bring your projects to life. Edge Animate offers some simple ways to add interactivity and animation to your design. In this video, Tom Green shows how to create a rotating 3D cube using java script libraries.

Visit for the Spotlight code library and snippets

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  1. Fernando Sanchez (Reply) on Monday September 30, 2013

    Dear Tom Green: I have followed your rotating cube procedure and it works fine in Firefox but not so in Chrome and explorer. I see your example works fine in chrome, so I don´t know what might not be working.
    In Chrome, in order for the cubes to show, the browser must be reduced in size; then the cubes show ok.
    In Explorer, the 3D cubes are shown in 2D.
    Any idea why?
    Thanks for your help and best wishes.

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