Placing Images in InDesign CS5

RC goes over his favorite ways to place images inside of an InDesign document.

InDesign CS5: Layers Panel Rebuilt

Jeff Witchel explores some of the changes that InDesign CS5 has made to the layers panel, including the ability to affect individual objects inside layers.

InDesign and Bridge Contact Sheet

Assemble a photograph contact sheet in InDesign.

Four Indesign CS5 Tips

RC Concepcion goes over 4 invaluable tips for document dimensions, placing images, and resizing frames automatically in Indesign CS5.

InDesign CS5: Gap Tool

Use the new Gap tool in InDesign CS5 to manipulate white space in your page design.

Span Columns in InDesign

InDesign CS5 includes a great new feature for making your text span multiple columns. Jeff Witchel shows viewers how this feature works in InDesign CS5 and shows how to use a work around to get the same results in CS4.

14 Little-Known InDesign Tips

There are always features that don’t make it into the marketing materials. So, here are 14 InDesign features you may not know about.

Changing Defaults in InDesign

InDesign behaving strangely? Many times it is because users accidentally make changes to the default settings without knowing it. Jeff Witchel goes through some of the common default settings that can get messed up during the course of a normal work flow.

Get Interactive with InDesign CS5, Part 1 of 2

In this two-part tutorial, Tom Green shows InDesign CS5 users how to use the interactive features. In these videos, Tom creates an interactive presentation and exports it to Flash to create a swf that can be displayed on a tablet.

Using Automated Styles in InDesign

Use InDesign’s paragraph styles to auto format your text, highlighting every other line in your paragraph.

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