Step Repeat in InDesign CS4

This tutorial covers how to distribute frames evenly across a document using the step and repeat command.

Using InDesign Multiplace with Adobe Bridge

This tutorial shows a method for using Adobe Bridge with the Multiplace command in InDesign CS3 and CS4.

Custom Underlines in InDesign

Learn how to create and edit custom text options to give your text a different feel when underlined or highlighted.

InDesign Type Tips

Here are some quick type tricks and keyboard shortcuts for working with type in InDesign.

Using the Next Style Paragraph Feature in InDesign

Tip of the Day writer Jeff Witchel shares some of his favorite InDesign tips about formatting with paragraph styles palette and the next style feature.

Using InDesign Drag and Drop Text

Jeff Witchel shares some tips and tricks for using InDesign’s drag and drop text options

Using GREP Styles in InDesign

The GREP style options allow users to make dynamic style applications to their InDesign documents.

Fast Layout in Adobe InDesign CS4

Come take a look at how the new-and-improved features of CS4 will help speed up your day-to-day work.

Headline Style Using Effects in InDesign

Layers Tip of the Day writer, Jeff Witchel shows off a headline effect created using InDesign.

Working with the Effects Panel in InDesign

Layers Tip of the Day writer, Jeff Witchel has created this video tutorials sharing some of his popular tips for working with the effects panel in InDesign.

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