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Our partners at Dell are picking up the tab for a free Zinio issue of the 100 Hot Tips issue of Photoshop User

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Photoshop User is the leading Adobe Photoshop “how to” magazine for photographers, digital artists, and designers. It features in-depth Photoshop tutorials written by the most talented photographers, designers, and leading authors in the industry. You’ll find the latest tips, tricks, insider secrets, and techniques as well as industry news, product reviews, and other cool stuff in every issue.

A special section covering Adobe Lightroom is also included in each issue. Its editor-in-chief is Scott Kelby, the world’s bestselling computer and technology book author worldwide and founder of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). Photoshop User is the official publication of NAPP with annual subscriptions only available to NAPP members.

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  1. Leo (Reply) on Tuesday January 25, 2011

    Signed up for it and at the zinio site and then said Sorry, Can’t download. :( I was looking forward to having a look at it!

  2. Kevin (Reply) on Tuesday January 25, 2011

    The link to sign up is broken and redirects to an old article from 2006.

  3. l rosen (Reply) on Tuesday January 25, 2011

    hoping this is where I “sign up ” for dell’s zinio copy of Photoshop mag

  4. Ken (Reply) on Tuesday January 25, 2011

    Wrong link. C’mon guys get it together. I shared this with friends…

  5. misterk (Reply) on Tuesday January 25, 2011

    Free my backside, spent two hours trying to download, signed up for Zinio and everything. What a con

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