Using Image Overlay in Lightroom to Preview Layouts While Shooting Tethered

This is one of those features in Lightroom that once you try it, you fall in love with it, because it gives you the opportunity to make sure an image you’re shooting for a specific project (like a magazine cover, brochure cover, inside layout, wedding book, etc.) looks and fits the way you want it [...]

Photoshop Fix for Really Messed Up Wide-Angle Shots

How’s that one for a title? Well, that’s the best explanation of what happens sometimes when you shoot really wide, and in Photoshop, there’s a tool called Adaptive Wide Angle that was invented for these situations. However, there are three things you need to know about this filter: (1) you’re not going to use it [...]

Get the HDR Look on a Single Image in Camera Raw

If you didn’t take bracketed images in your camera, but you still want that HDR look, you can pretty much do the entire thing right in Camera Raw by pushing a few sliders to the max.

Premiere – Staying Organized

From bins to media managing your project files, stay organized in Adobe Premiere.

How Do I Build a Web Gallery for Client Proofing in Lightroom?

Learn how to easily build a web gallery for client proofing in Lightroom.

Hiding Hair Roots in Photoshop

This retouch, where you’re lightening your subject’s roots, is a pretty common retouch, and it’s pretty quick and easy in most cases. I’m going to show you my standard method, but I’m adding an additional step at the end that I now use in my retouching—a darkening step to add more dimension—that I picked up [...]

Setting Up a Table of Contents Automatically in InDesign

Tables of Contents aren’t just for for books. They’re used in magazines, catalogs, manuals, long brochures and more. In this tutorial, Jeff will going through the ins and outs of setting up a Table of Contents from scratch including lots of tips and little-known secrets.

Photoshop”Gritty Gangster” Effect

This was one of those times when you see an image and just feel like you have to make something cool with it. I was actually on looking for another image, but stumbled upon this one and was hit with an idea. I have seen this effect in many movie posters and, as you’ll [...]

Using the Amazing New Editing Features in Acrobat DC

I lost count of how many times I’ve been asked by clients “Can’t you just edit the PDF?” With Acrobat DC, I can be confident is answering “Absolutely!” In this tutorial, I with go through the process of editing text and even images in PDFs. I will also take a look at extracting text in Acrobat out of a scanned layout.

Grid as Design Element in Photoshop

Excerpted from Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers, Volume 1, by Corey Barker I actually saw this effect in a movie poster, but it definitely has a number of uses. Once the base grid is created, you can add just about any image for any purpose. While we’re creating the effect, try to be [...]

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