Open Type in Adobe Illustrator

Enhance your type design using Illustrator’s open type options. This video shows users how to utilize the useful tools in the glyphs panel.

Illustrator CS5 Artboards for Consistency

With the new Artboards in Illustrator CS5, you can create a consistent brand message by simply making sure to have common elements among media. Let RC show you how.

Painted Type in Illustrator

Applying a combination of effects and strokes to produce creative type treatments while keeping the type editable in Adobe Illustrator.

Live Trace Tricks in Adobe Illustrator

Here’s a cool way of creating a vector graphic element in Illustrator from a composite created in Photoshop.

Experiment with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop CS5

Here’s an idea on how to use Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 to experiment with the goal of getting your own happy accident, although not quite so accidentally.

Clipping Masks in Illustrator CS5

Here’s a cool technique derived from the movie poster for From Paris with Love starring John Travolta. The poster layout made very cool use of masking images with letters and shapes.

Photoshop and Illustrator Interaction

Use Illustrator to define a graphic as a symbol and then create a design using the symbol as a brush. Then take the design back into Photoshop.

Everything You Wanted in Illustrator CS5 Artboards

Explore the new artboard panel in Illustrator CS5 and learn about some of the new features.

Using Symbols in Illustrator for 3D Effects in Photoshop

Illustrator is a terrific resource for creating symbols. Corey takes those symbols into Photoshop and uses the new 3D tools to get creative.

Adobe Illustrator CS5: Stroke of Genius

Jeff Witchel shows off the newly-overhauled stroke panel in Illustrator CS5.

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