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After Effects

Free Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Production Premium: Professional Color Correction

Getting great color is significantly easier when you combine good production practices with the right filters in post

Animate Rain Shadows in After Effects

Changing the look, feel, atmosphere, temperature, and mood in an After Effects 3D scene can make all the difference to your animation.

Creating Fire in After Effects CS3

One of the toughest things to achieve in After Effects is a true feeling of space, environment, and temperature even.

Add Some Flash to After Effects

Flash has easy animation tools, vector morphing, almost-instant rendering, and a sophisticated scripting language called ActionScript.

2D/3D with Photoshop CS3 Extended and After Effects

Without a doubt, the best new feature in After Effects CS3 is the Vanishing Point Exchange with Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.

Creating Silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a vector silhouette from a photo using Photoshop plus Illustrator’s Live Trace tool. Knowledge of Photoshop channels …

’Toon Your Video in Adobe CS3 Production Premium

By harnessing the power of Adobe CS3 Production Premium, you can convert video frames into vector art into film-resolution movie files.

Shape Layers in After Effects CS3

Dig under the hood and, using some very interesting techniques, a whole army of moving, synchronized shapes can be created from something that seemed so harmless to begin with. This is something the manuals won’t show you.