For Digital Subscribers, You’ll Receive…

Layers as a digital magazine filled with the same rich content and beautiful layout as the print version with new enhancements like realistic page turning, smooth comfortable zooming capabilities, and crisp high-resolution graphics!

This new format offers you faster access to each published magazine so you stay in the know and on the cutting edge with all the latest techniques and industry news.

Step 1

Email Notification: When your first digital Layers magazine becomes available, you’ll receive an email notification from Zinio. (Layers provides your email address to Zinio, so please keep your email information up-to-date. You can do that online from the Contact page on the website.) And remember, Layers and Zinio will never sell or share your email address to anyone.


Step 2

Zinio Reader Installation: As you download your first Layers magazine, you’ll also be guided to register with Zinio and download the free Zinio Reader software (based on Adobe® Acrobat®.) The Zinio Reader works with Windows Vista, XP (Pro, Home, and Tablet PC Editions), and 2000 operating systems. If you’re on a Mac using OS X, you’ll need to have 10.3 or greater to run the Zinio Reader.


Step 3

Activate the Zinio Reader: Double click on the Zinio Reader icon, enter your email address and a password to activate the Zinio Reader.

Once you are registered, the Zinio Reader has a "Delivery Manager" feature that will download your issues automatically. So, once you’ve activated it, you only need to be connected to the Internet to download your magazine issues.

Digital Issue FAQs

Layers subscribers can now receive Layers magazine in a digital format via the Internet. Whether you’re in Mexico City, London, Tokyo, Sydney, New Delhi, Brasilia, Tel Aviv, or Johannesburg, you’ll now receive a digital replica of Layers – with all the tutorials, articles, advertisements, and other quality content – on the same day that they ship to US and Canadian subscribers. Plus, you’ll enjoy enhanced features, a paperless archive, and much more.

How are the digital magazines different than the regular print version?

The digital versions of Layers are exact digital replicas of the print versions, but they also offer many additional advantages, including:

  • Automatic delivery of every issue directly to your computer via your Internet connection.
  • Timesaving tools that allow you to jump quickly to specific tutorials, articles, and features.
  • Quick hot links for easy navigation to content on the Internet, advertisers’ sites and other content.
  • Convenient features that allow you to search text, make highlights and annotations on articles, and zoom-in on desired areas.
  • Efficient, paperless storage of your archived issues on your computer for access at any time.

Does the digital version contain everything in the print version?

Yes, it’s exactly the same layout, only in electronic form. You won’t miss a single article, photo, or ad.

What is the digital format?

We’ve partnered with a company called Zinio that offers a convenient digital format featuring the same great content and the same great design delivered right to your computer.

What application do I use to read the magazine in digital format?

Zinio offers a free reader application called The Zinio Reader. When your first digital issue is available, you’ll receive an email notification from Zinio. As you download the first magazine, you’ll also be guided to register with Zinio and download the free Zinio Reader software. Zinio Reader works with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 98, and NT operating systems. A Celeron or Pentium II 233Mhz processor (or better) is recommended, as is a 56.6k or faster Internet. The Zinio Reader software is about 10MB.

When you install the Zinio Reader, you will also create an account with Zinio. Zinio will notify you by email as each new issue becomes available. The Zinio Reader also has a “Delivery Manager” feature that will download your issues automatically. You can retrieve them manually if you prefer.

If you are on a Mac using OS X, you may already have Zinio Reader installed! Simply go to the Applications folder on your hard drive, open the Zinio folder at the bottom, and double-click on the Zinio Reader icon. Enter your email address and a password to activate the Zinio Reader, and your magazine will begin to download.

Can I read my digital magazines at work and at home?

Of course! You can read Layers issues both at work and at home by using your unique Zinio account. You are allowed two downloads per issue of each magazine, so you can read your digital issues on more than one computer once you install the Zinio Reader and simply download the magazines again.

If the magazine is in digital format, does that mean I can do a keyword search for a topic?

Indeed you can. You can search for a word or set of words that appear in the text of a particular issue, making it easier to find that article you remember reading last month, or the latest tips, tricks, and techniques in a new issue.

Can I mark up my digital magazines the way I do with the print version?

The Zinio Reader has Highlight and Note features that mimic the way some of us use print magazines, especially ones like Layers. The Zinio Reader allows you to highlight key passages that you want to return to, or jot yourself a note or reminder as if inserting a Post-It in a magazine.

How much disk space does a typical issue take up?

When you download each issue, the file size is approximately 12-20MB.

How do I get my digital issues?

When you install the Zinio Reader, you will also create an account with Zinio. You will be notified via e-mail as each new issue becomes available. The Zinio Delivery Manager will download your issues automatically or you can retrieve them whenever it’s most convenient for you. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to read the magazines, only to download them and use the online interactive features.

Do you need my e-mail address?

As a Layers subscriber, we will be supplying Zinio your email address. Please keep your Layers subscriber email information up-to-date to ensure the timely receipt of the digital issue. You may update your account information from the Contact page.

Both Zinio and Layers are committed to strictly maintaining your privacy – you can view Zinio’s Privacy Policy and our own Privacy Policy.

What Internet connection speed should I have?

For the best results on receiving the digital versions of Layers we recommend that you have broadband connection or a dial-up connection with at least a 56K modem.

Will my firewall interfere with the Zinio Reader and the Zinio Delivery Manager?

As with some web-based applications, some firewalls may prevent the Zinio Reader from activating or the Zinio Delivery Manager from accessing the Internet to check for publications. Your firewall is supposed to prompt you, the user, for permission. However, sometimes this does not work properly, and the Zinio Reader and the Zinio Delivery Manager may get stuck. Customers with firewalls should manually adjust the firewall settings to allow the Zinio Reader, the Zinio Delivery Manager, and ContentGuard access to the Internet and to check for new downloads. For details, click here.

Can I print a hard copy of my digital magazine?

Yes. You are allowed to print one full copy of each issue of Layers magazine.

How do I download my digital magazine automatically?

Please click here to find out how you download your digital magazine automatically.

Will digital archives be available?

If so, will there be a charge to access the archives? Each issue you receive is stored on your hard drive for easy access and archiving. Back issues beyond what is available at Zinio, are not currently available in digital format.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can download and/or access the information in the digital version?

You may download each Layers issue up to two times. Once it is on your computer, you may continue to read each issue as many times and for as long as you like.