Use a Reflector Effectively for Outdoor Wedding Portraits

Step Three

I’m going to warn you, in bright sunlight, using a gold/silver shiny reflector is like putting an ant under a magnifying glass—it’s bright! I always ask my clients to close their eyes, count to three, and open wide. Again, it’s tricky, but the results are phenomenal! The quality of light reflected back onto them should be very soft, but super sharp. Be careful of any hot spots the reflector may give. A good quality disc will always be worth it. It’s much easier to use an assistant to do this, but you could just as easily mount it on a stand. Keep in mind, on a windy day, this technique could be used with an off-camera flash, but the results never seem to be as dramatic as the sun. 

outdoor wedding portraits, Jason Grouppgroupp_wedding_reflect_3a


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