Small Flash: Using Off Camera Flash to Create a Sunset

Step 4

Using Off Camera Flash to Create a SunsetNow that everything is in place, you need to frame the shot. I’m a huge proponent of lens hoods. Whether in the studio or on location, my lens hood is en garde. To reap that beautiful flood of flare, you can’t have your lens hood doing its job and getting in the way, so here’s one of those exceptions to the rule. This is also a great time to open up that lens as much as possible. You can’t usually get away with f/2.8–5.6 when the sun is shining, but when you bring your own, you’re in control, so take advantage of it. Doing this will also help throw the flash out of focus, causing it to appear more naturally in the scene.


Now get out there and fire away—you don’t need to worry about what the sun is doing when you know how to create your own!

Editor’s Note: Erik’s work has a great look. You should check out more of his photography over on his portfolio. He is also a great teacher. Find more about what and where he is teaching, or check out one of our online courses featuring Erik Valind over on KelbyOne. 


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